Friday, June 18, 2010

PM defames abuse!

According to the director of Gaeddu College of Business Studies (GCBS) about 10 percent of his first and second year students are in to drugs and alcohol.

Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley’s visit to GCBS yesterday also saw him deliberate on alcohol and drug issues to the college students. Lyonchhen said that such abuse is a serious problem. He suspects that in all our schools, Institutions in general alcohol and drugs are one of the pertinent issues that cloud the learning process.

“If it is a problem and yet you don’t admit it, you are not proud of it. If you don’t raise your hands, you are ashamed of it. If ashamed of it, then it is wrong. Then why do it?” Lyonchhen told the students.

Lyonchhen said that those students surrendering to drugs and alcohol have no self-confidence and the courage to face student community. “They are not being able to sicialise. There is something inherently wrong about the way he or she sees himself or herself. As I see many students abusing drugs, I worry about the health of this country,” Lyonchhen said questioning the students, “Why would you take drugs? Think about what it does to you, to your parents, your siblings and to the members of your family?”

Lyonchhen urged the students to stop it if they are into this bad habit. “I appeal to you,” Lyonchhen said adding that those who do not stop start ostracizing them so that they are forced to quit and become better human beings. “Don’t let this cancer waste your system, your body,” he beseeched.

“Drugs and alcohol is a reflection of society as a whole, however, we do have some issues related to both. We however, have no problems with the senior students,” Lhatu Jamba, the director of the college said.

The director said that alcohol is easily available to the students with many licensed bars around the college campus. While on the other hand Phuentsholing being just some distance away students get drugs easily. “The college however, is very vigilant on the matter,” he added.

According to most students the alcohol and drugs issue they said that the gloomy weather and easy accessibility are the reasons behind it’s popularity.

“It is mostly students who hail from well off families who are into drugs. Lesser fortunate ones go for cheap alcohol available in every shop in the vicinity of the college. Like Lyonchhen said, they flaunt and glamourise the habit amongst their peers. And with one friend into the habit, the rest naturally follow,” observed one BBA students. However, he said that college authorities are doing their best to straighten those gone awry.

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