Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Genitalia of an old man versus that of a girl!

Two months ago, Lam Rinzin 65 (assumed name-real age), sexually molested a 12 years old girl Yeshey Lhamo (Name changed).

The old man had been invited by the girl’s father to act as a witness between the couple’s relationship that was falling apart.

Deki the mother said, “I did not report the incident to media because I feared it might stain my daughter’s reputation amongst her friends at school. However, I had to report to the police or else he would repeat it.”

When I approached the girl she told me, “At 6:30 in the morning, uncle Rinzin who is a stranger to me, offered me a sum of Nu. 200 and said that he wanted me to have sex with him, but when I vehemently refused, he offered me Nu 3000. After which he forcefully took me by the hands and clasped me into his arms. Frightened, I scratched him on the face and so i freed myself. I ran to my friend’s place and took refuge until my mother arrived. When I think of the incident, nothing appears on my mind. It frightens me, I guess.”

The man was arrested by the police and the case has been forwarded to the district court.

The rapist has requested the girl’s mother for an internal settlement of the case and pathetically enough, she has consented to it.

When I approached the girl’s father, he was like “hey dude, my daughter was nearly de-flowered and I have no comments.” LOSER!

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